CD Database: Megaman & Bass characters

KGN-001 Dynamoman

The power generator in his body is too high to sustain the electric current from leaking out. He regrets the unreasonable destruction it causes.

"Be my friend as in old times."

Weapon: Lightning Bolt
Weakness: Copy Vision
Good Point: Honest
Bad Point: Incredulous
Like: Pump-off, making electricity
Dislike: Socializing

KGN-002 Coldman

A robot created to freeze DNA for dinosaurs. His internal body temperature is kept at absolute zero.

"Do you want me to cool your head!?"

Weapon: Ice Wall
Weakness: Lightning Bolt
Good Point: Carefree attitude, calm
Bad Point: Slow perception, dull
Like: Frappetino, snow cones
Dislike: El Nino effect

KGN-003 Groundman

A robot created to excavate ruins and ancient relics. His weapon, Spread Drill, can drill even through hard objects.

"I hate sand."

Weapon: Spread Drill
Weakness: Remote Mine
Good Point: Deep thinking, careful
Bad Point: Inhospitable, unsociable, taciturn
Like: Something rare
Dislike: Coarse things, underground sewage

KGN-004 Pirateman

Being savage, cruel and brutal, he could do anything to attain his goal. He sinks ships using Remote Mines.

"It is useless to beg for mercy!"

Weapon: Remote Mine
Weakness: Wave Burner
Good Point: Fearless
Bad Point: Scoundrel
Like: Money-making
Dislike: Fair negotiation, fair anything

KGN-005 Burnerman

A robot created to destroy nature and peace. His gas-powered Wave Burner can burn anything around him.

"I'm burning with youthful fire!"

Weapon: Wave Burner
Weakness: Ice Wall
Good Point: Faithful, prideful
Bad Point: Jealous
Like: Global warming
Dislike: His self-destruct system

KGN-006 Magicman

He loves to amaze people with magic and tricks and has recently practiced tarot-reading.

"Can you detect the trick?!"

Weapon: Magic Card
Weakness: Tengu Blade
Good Point: Hard worker, gives his best
Bad Point: Show-off
Like: Cheers, applause
Dislike: Revealing his tricks' secrets

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