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Dr. Thomas Xavier Light

The world's number one authority on robotics. He is working on a robot that can bring peace to the world.

"Hurry and rescue them, Megaman!"

Good Point: Good faith, good-natured
Bad Point: Gullible
Like: Internet
Dislike: Violence, fighting

DRN-001 Megaman


A super robot created by Dr. Light. He is the guardian of peace and justice!

"I'll protect the world!"

Aliases: Rock, Rockman
Good Point: Sense of justice, very brave
Bad Point: Reckless behavior, makes mistakes easily
Like: Animals
Dislike: Anything that disturbs peace

DRN-002 Roll


A house keeping robot created by Dr. Light. She is thought of as the sister of Megaman.

"Good luck, Megaman!"

Good Point: Helpful, takes care of everyone well
Bad Point: Cowardice
Like: Cooking, cleaning
Dislike: Cockroaches


Rush supports Megaman on many occasions. He is very good at finding items.

"I came to help you, Megaman!"

Good Point: Loyal, friendly
Bad Point: Curiosity, digs up weird things
Like: Playing with Rock
Dislike: Remodeling


A support robot that Dr. Light has created for Megaman to deliver items to him. It can fly with a jet engine.

"Eddie to the rescue!"

Good Point: Flip-flopper, good carrier
Bad Point: Bag of nerves, bad organizer
Like: Lottery
Dislike: Wasting money


A bird-type collaboration-made robot that Dr. Cossack has presented to Megaman. He can grab and carry Megaman.

"Go on a diet, Megaman."

Good Point: Speed & power
Bad Point: Wanderlust
Like: Flying
Dislike: Heavy cargo


A supporter robot that is remodeled from a pet robot. It rolls toward the enemy to attack.

"Meow Meow."

Good Point: Rolling-stone, has a peaceful lifestyle
Bad Point: Creature of moods, changes his mind a lot
Like: Mistletoe, dried bonito
Dislike: Rush, trap holes


An invention nerd who has created a wide variety of items for Megaman.

"Megaman! I am your biggest fan!"

Aliases: Rightot
Good Point: Pure and innocent, always ready
Bad Point: Trouble maker, stuffy character
Like: Riddles, trivia
Dislike: Studying

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