#4: Gamer Culture Is Sexist
I haven't been as riled up as I am today. I found out the first episode of Tropes VS Women In Gaming aired through a reaction by the channels I sub to. Tropes VS Women tackled the ever-pervasive "damsel in distress" trope. Cue lots of men defending it. Highlighted gem: "Girls. Don't you want to be hot? Don't you want to be sexy?"
#3: Females & Video Games
There's been an odd trend in gaming lately; that of companies to acknowledge the mythical, once-nonexistant female gamers. That's all well and good, except that they're all going at it from the wrong angle. While the market has long been an equal-gender playground, game design and programming itself is still male and blind to how many of the supposed male audience buying their games are actually women.
#2: Looking back on Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy 13 Impressions
There's been a lot of hate for Final Fantasy 13. And while I've liked most of the Final Fantasy titles, this one was so uninteresting that I cut out the middleman and just looked for someone else's playthrough on youtube instead of wasting money. And for the very first time, I'm glad I did it, because I hated watching about everything that wasn't a specific area or the cutscenes. And I've loved the rest of the series nearly blindly.
#1: Game difficulties: Why isn't there a standard?
Game difficulty levels can be confusing. Sometimes arbitrary, unbalanced, targetting a single group of players at the expense of others, and very often dictated by what the game designers feel is "easy" or "hard" or "fair" instead of what the players think these concepts should be. And often everyone finds themselves wishing there was a "standard" of difficulties to make the system much easier to set up.
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