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On June 17th, my house burned down. While I was lucky enough to escape and bring my laptop (without my charger, external drive, usb keyboard or scanner), everything else was a total loss.

I had, by a very rough estimate, anywhere between $8000 and $10,000 in physical videogame equipment, from consoles to peripherals to games, and none of it was recoverable. I'm transcribing my list of everything I bought to my games tally page, where people will be able to see which games I'm seeking out so they can contact me if they want to sell/gift them to me.

Tip Of The Day

Megaman arcade games:
Each of the playable characters has a different move to perform when pushing down and jump. Megaman slides, which lets him slip under most projectiles. Bass air-dashes and can use this move to clear fast low-flying projectiles or enemies' jumps. Duo's dash can ram his spiked shoulder into enemies to cause damage and force them back. Protoman's dash has no special abilities beyond faster movement.

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